Internet of Things

A network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, enabling these devices to change the way we live.

Why Does IoT Matter?

Articles have been written about the Smart Refrigerator for probably a decade as the classic example, but we are now at the tipping point where the enablement of devices to communicate is becoming cost effective in relation to the cost of the device. Large or costly devices may already be enabled, and the curve toward enablement of common products is accelerating daily. When enabled, these pathways will create optimized business processes and facilitate data insights that are historically difficult to capture.

  • Potential to be hugely disruptive in retail, healthcare, supply chain, and service for high-cost infrastructure
  • Creating an optimized communication channel with customers
  • Eliminating waste from support processes
  • Creating a totally new communication and engagement protocol in certain industries
  • Capturing real consumption, event, and usage information
iot image

Looking Ahead

The business results can manifest themselves in many ways, including new revenue, improved profitability with removal of cost, and improved capabilities that improve the strategic positioning of your firm. Lots of technology vendors are launching frameworks to load and process data into big data platforms, but those are often tools seeking a problem and are only half the story. Elyxor’s industry experience has taught us that the following are also needed:

  • Designing of the new business process regarding how customers and your firm will now interact in this new model. Examples include how customers acquire these new products, how they are on-boarded onto your network, and how your service model will change
  • Capturing relevant information, not just information
  • Engineering the last mile for device connectivity, connecting your device to the cloud
  • Creating a technical last-mile solution that has low to no friction for your customers
  • Interpreting if there are regulatory implications to the solution and securing the data as needed
  • Cost-effective scalable infrastructure

Professional Expertise

Elyxor has experience bringing solutions to market for our clients that have addressed all these points in appliances and medical devices across professional and consumer applications. For many of these clients, Elyxor has created the entire end-to-end solution, which also leverages our application development and DevOps practices.

Medical Device Manufacturer:view case

The Future of Pulmonology in the Internet of Things

Advancing health care with patient connected devices and professional care team applications with an innovative approach to data analysis. This enables differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

Industrial Machine Manufacturer:view case

Bringing innovation to an unlikely industry

By leveraging our deep expertise in IoT, Elyxor has helped to shape the future of the hospitality business working with the manufacturer of a laundry machine that uses 80% less water, fewer chemicals, and is more efficient in cleaning articles than competitive machines - the first real technological advancement in the industry in 50 years.