DevOps is for everyone -- whether you're a startup or a mature company. DevOps makes sense. It's about communicating, automating, and delivering early and often -- iteratively rather than incrementally -- with small, demonstrable wins. It's about continual collaboration and cross functional communication with Dev, Ops, QA, Project Management, and Program Management.

Elyxor DevOps

As you can imagine, with the different interpretations of the term DevOps, our consulting in the space happens in a variety of ways. Elyxor was started by the partners, all product engineers, who had years of experience building full-stack, production-deployed software systems. The key word here is production, and all the operational tools and processes that come along with having software live and needing feature upgrades and support. The past 3 years has seen a formalization of the idea of DevOps, which fit naturally with our experience. We already had experience with SDLC that included CI and automated testing to ensure quality from dev to production, so the idea of treating configuration and infrastructure as code following the same pattern was natural for us. Before Chef and Puppet were created, we had our own tooling that we used for customers where we hosted their systems, as well as for dev and test environments before we delivered projects. It was a natural extension to start providing this as a core strength, since most of the people coming to us for help had projects they wanted to build but couldn't, and many times that "couldn't" wasn't just resourcing, it was a poorly performing SDLC.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Simply put, we solve problems. We work within your culture, processes, and tools to identify gaps and create an actionable plan. We can implement a new SDLC, supplement or streamline an existing SDLC, or help modernize existing processes. We can take you from acknowledgement to action and eliminate the fear associated with making software changes. We ensure all stakeholders and practitioners are involved and participating throughout the engagement. We'll target a small project where we can deliver quick, demonstrable results from development through production and implement with the ability to reuse across the rest of your software infrastructure and applications. We'll work with you to ensure your business can take advantage of what DevOps has to offer.

DevOps Case Study 1:view case

Multinational Investment Banking Firm

Elyxor designed and implemented a CM solution system using Chef Zero (i.e. non-Chef Server), that integrated into their existing processes and improved efficiency exponentially for this multinational investment banking company.

DevOps Case Study 2:COMING SOON

FinTech Company

Elyxor designed and architected a new SDLC on a major FinTech company's infrastructure. Elyxor introduced and implemented Chef Server to manage the migration and provisioning of infrastructure and applications from one datacenter to the client's multi site datacenter.