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We partner with our clients to solve critical business problems with modern technology solutions

Expertise in Software Delivery

Elyxor's team members have spent the past two-decades designing and building successful software solutions using effective design patterns, frameworks, and tools. Our tenured and broad experience base, coupled with our thirst to continuously improve, allow us to use industry best-practices in innovative and powerful ways for our clients.

Strategy Innovation

Elyxor will perform an analysis of existing people, processes, technologies, and budgets to recommend changes and create plans that align with your business imperatives.

SDLC / DevOps

High-performing businesses release software to production frequently, reliably, and safely. Elyxor works with your software engineering and operations teams to improve the software development life cycle (SDLC) to increase the velocity of feature delivery.

Cloud Enablement

Elyxor will help your business and technology teams leverage the cloud. By designing the process and orchestrating the tooling to deploy and manage systems in public, private, or hybrid-cloud environments, Elyxor will help you realize the cost-savings, scalability, and resiliency benefits of being cloud-enabled

App Development

We write cross-platform applications that work flawlessly, no matter where users are or what devices they use. Elyxor delivers desktop, web, and mobile applications with form and function that scale to meet your business needs.

Elyxor Accelerators

Due to Elyxor's longevity as a consulting organization and its technology and business expertise, we have developed software frameworks and reusable code components that enable us to accelerate our clients' time to market. Our engagements begin with a proven, working foundation that helps speed product delivery, increases feature visibility to stakeholders, reduces risk associated with deployments and operations, and provides transparency throughout the SDLC.

  • Elyxor Methodology

    Elyxor uses an iterative and agile approach to project implementation that we combine with best-of-breed open source and commercial tools to successfully design and implement any size project. Our methodology is lightweight and incorporates all the modern methods a software engineering team needs to deliver quality products quickly. These methodologies can be adopted wholesale to replace a non-existing or broken process, or adapted to work with the streamlined parts of an existing team's process to create an improved and efficient SDLC.

  • Elyxor Test Automation Platform

    Our team uses the Elyxor Test Automation Platform (ETAP), a set of proprietary libraries and integrated open-source tools, based on industry standards and best practices to accelerate your projects by adding Continuous Testing (CT) to your SDLC. When used in conjunction with Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines, ETAP increases the stability of software products, reduces software development cycle times, and enables automated deployments.

  • Elyxor Vorteks

    Elyxor Vorteks extends the power of the ETAP by adding configurable dashboards, reporting, and governance rules to monitor and control the CI/CD/CT pipelines. Thresholds are set in Vorteks to determine if a software build or configuration change has passed quality thresholds and is suitable for deployment; Vorteks acts as both a gate and a deployment provisioner, able to stop or automatically release changes into the appropriate environment. Vorteks offers dashboards and reporting across all the tools used within the SDLC to centralize control and monitoring. Vortex includes a historical view of the SDLC, providing both an audit view and trends over time; for example, trend data can also act as a gate with Vorteks prohibiting releases if a performance metric deltas exceeds the recent steady state by some threshold.

Strategic Partnerships

We've established strategic partnerships in key areas to help support initiatives for, Cloud Enablement, DevOps, IoT, workforce automation, cyber security, and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

  • Strategic Partner
    Peak Tech

    Partnering with Peak Technologies we deliver complex workforce automation, IoT, supply chain, and logistics applications aimed at improving productivity and efficiency. Peak Technologies has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations to design, deploy, and support an extensive range of barcode, mobile computing and printing systems for manufacturing, supply chain, retail, healthcare, and field service.

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  • Strategic Partner
    aws logo

    Elyxor’s certified architects and engineers will assist your organization with developing and executing a cloud migration strategy. Our expertise in DevOps and infrastructure as code tooling, working with the best in class cloud computing infrastructure provided by AWS, will quickly and efficiently migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud.

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